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Breed Spotlight: Poodles

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Poodles are one of the most well-known and popular breeds of dogs in Canada. They are a very intelligent and energetic breed, with the added appeal of being a hypoallergenic non-shedding breed that makes them a good choice for many families.

Poodles come in three sizes – Standard, Miniature, and Toy, which also makes them a great choice for different settings from country to city living.

Contrary to what one might think, poodles do not bark excessively, and tend to be even-tempered dogs.

While poodles were originally bred for retrieving in water, they have become an all-purpose companion dog that is very trainable.

Special considerations before bringing home a poodle include:
• Poodles are good jumpers, so they should have appropriate fencing.
• Poodles (especially the smaller ones) need good socialization with dogs and people outside the family to lessen aggressive tendencies with non-family members.
• Poodles need regular grooming to keep their coats healthy as they do not shed.

Recognized health concerns in poodles include:
• Bloat (also occurs in other large, deep chested dogs) – limiting exercise before and after eating is one of the main preventive measures recommended by vets to prevent this condition.
• Hip Dysplasia  – balancing the breed’s high energy with not over-exercising, and feeding breed/lifestage appropriate food can help mitigate this.
• Thyroid, Addison’s and Epilepsy – talk to your vet if you think something is wrong with your poodle.

If you need to get your poodle to the vet, contact for reliable, professional transport of your beloved pet.

Amanda G. is an RVT and a valued member of Toronto AMS.


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Veterinary Trained Pet Transport Service

Home/Appointment Transportation

Home/Appointment Transportation

Home/Appointment Transportation


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