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What is an RVT?

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October is RVT Month across Canada. This month, let’s take the time to appreciate and recognize all that Registered Veterinary Technicians do!

Registered Veterinary Technicians, or RVT’s, are integral members of the veterinary team. They are highly trained and educated professionals that conduct all of the nursing and treatment procedures that are necessary for your pet’s care.

So what exactly do they do?

Also known as veterinary nurses, RVT’s are responsible for administering and dispensing medications or treatments that have been prescribed or ordered by the attending veterinarian. They are also responsible for the restraint and handling of animals for medical treatments and procedures. Their education and practical training gives them the skills to assist in providing the best level of medical care to animals.

  • Conducting and processing diagnostic radiographs and ultrasound
  • Administration and dispensing of medications and treatments
  • Providing husbandry, restraint and handling
  • Anaesthetic induction and monitoring
  • Prevention and control of zoonotic diseases
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Animal behaviour consultation
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests (hematology, clinical chemistry, cytology, and urinalysis)
  • Emergency and first aid
  • Exotic animal medicine
  • Anatomy and physiology training
  • Dental hygiene knowledge including anatomy of dental structures, conditions and lesions, causes and stages of diseases
  • Surgical preparation and assistance

How do you become an RVT?

In order to become a Registered Veterinary Technician you must first successfully complete the veterinary technician program and graduate from an accredited college. From there you must successfully complete the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) with a passing grade, to obtain the RVT designation. Registered Veterinary Technicians must also maintain a specific level of continuing education bi-annually, in order to remain current on medical advacements and best practices and to keep their RVT designation.

Why are they essential to the Toronto AMS team?

Toronto AMS proudly employs extensively trained veterinary professionals that are equipped to provide the gold standard of care to your pet. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians are knowledgeable in animal health and are skilled in recognizing signs/symptoms of disease and distress. Our mission is to provide the best level of care and comfort for your pet, by safely transporting them under professional supervision.

For more information on the services we provide or to book with us, please call 416-449-7387.


Veterinary-Trained Pet Transport Service

Home/Appointment Transportation

Veterinary Transfer Services

Groomer / Daycare 

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Veterinary Trained Pet Transport Service

Home/Appointment Transportation

Home/Appointment Transportation

Home/Appointment Transportation


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